• Gallery archival giclée print
• Thick, heavy weight, textured paper
Matte finish

This piece is a collaboration between Brooke Robinson and surf photographer, Parker Hansen. Proceeds from this print benefit International Surf Therapy Organization, a worldwide effort to help legitimize the benefits of surf and ocean therapy.

Parker Hansen is based in coastal North County San Diego. "Surf photography allows me to combine two of the most creative forms of expression: surfing and photography." His photography aims to capture the energy from the wave allowing the viewer to surf the wave well after it has crashed. Connect with Parker: @parkerinthewater.

Brooke: "I immediately saw a connection between the photo of the bird and the surfer—almost like they were the same thing—doing the same thing—naturally expressing themselves in harmony with who they are—being free. We, as humans, don't often realize that we are not separate from nature. We are nature. We are a human expression of nature. If ever we feel lost, we can look to nature to lead the way. And there, we will find compassion and connection with everything."

You can feel the art's frequency when it arrives to your doorstep. Just wait until you open it. Seriously. It's good stuff.

Printed and shipped from San Antonio, TX.